Monday, March 24, 2008

At Last! Death to Peanuts!

The local Baton Rouge newspaper (and my part-time employer), The Advocate, stated today that it is considering ceasing to print the comic strip "Peanuts." The strip has been a painful regurgitation of unfunny bile since its creator Charles Schultz died. Not only that but "Ziggy" and "Family Circus" may also get an overdue axing. Hooray! Better late than never, The Advocate editors. This is by far the best editorial decision ever made.

As you may recall, a long time ago I wrote an article on this site expressing my displeasure with the Peanuts strip.



big daddy said...

Peanuts has been a hilarious satire on life in general. Too bad it has been over your head son.


Christin said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... you're one heartless bastard Patrick.


Patrick said...

I see that you two don't feel the need to defend "Family Circus" or "Ziggy" as vehemently.

Allen Gladfelter said...

Peanuts is the best comic strip ever. That you don't get it is just proof-positive that the terrorists have, indeed, won.

And no, I will NEVER defend the Family Circus. It's continues existence is also evidence of the disheartening victory of the terrorists.

el robo diablo said...

you were reading re-prints, not the work of a different artist. sparky schulz made it clear that no one would ever take over the strip after he died.