Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Internet is Officially Stupid

This week I reached a “virtual” milestone. One of my videos on my YouTube account has recorded over 10,000 views. That’s a lot of views seeing as how all of my other videos combined don’t have that many views, and the most views any of my other videos has is a couple hundred. Like I said, it’s a lot. I bet you’ve never even counted to 10,000 before!

So, what is this video? Is it something I meticulously planned? Is it something I carefully wrote, edited and put many hours or even days of work into? Of course not! That wouldn’t be the Internet we know and secretly browse when we should be working. No, the only video the Internet would deem worthy watching over 10,000 times is of course silly, unnecessary, and a little embarrassing.

It all began when my wife bought me a replica lightsaber for my birthday in 2006. You may have seen this particular lightsaber if you came to our wedding. It was displayed next to my Darth Vader groom’s cake. Well, Christin thought I didn’t like my present since she never saw me play with it. So one night while she was teaching dance I decided to make a video of me playing with the lightsaber. We have this workout video game called Kinetic that works with the Playstation 2 Eye Toy (which is a camera you attach to the Playstation). In the game, you exercise by moving around like a nut and hitting objects on screen. This reminded me of the training Obi Wan subjected Luke Skywalker to in Star Wars when they were on the Millennium Falcon and Luke had to block the laser bolt from the floating remote. So I set up the camera on a tripod and played the game with my lightsaber. The idea seemed a lot less nerdy at the time probably just like it did to Star Wars Kid. I added some background music and uploaded it to YouTube because I wanted some other friends to see it. Now, a little over a year later, 10,000 random people have laughed at my expense (with over 20 leaving comments). It’s even linked on various foreign message boards.

So, I present to you the video that received over 10,000 unintentional views in 447 days (that’s 44 views per day as of this posting):

Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Review: In Bruges

My review of the indie action/comedy, "In Bruges" has been posted in It was quite good even though it stars Collin Farrell. I highly recommend it.


Friday, February 1, 2008

M.O.P.S. Episode 5

After a one month break, M.O.P.S. is back with a brand new episode written and lettered by me! A lot of detail went into the artwork for this strip. Certainly worth checking out.

Direct Link: