Saturday, September 22, 2007

My New Gig

I've recently taken on a second job doing some freelance writing for the entertainment section of The Advocate website. I am writing movie reviews for them, the first of which was posted on their site yesterday. It is a review of a film called Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. I think I will be starting off doing around one movie review per week, but it's really on an as needed basis. The more movies that come out on one weekend, the more likely I am to write one. I've written one another review besides the one that has been posted already. I'll post the link to that review once it goes live. The link for the review of Death Sentence is


Allen Gladfelter said...

Bacon doesn't have the emotional range of cardboard. He has the emotional range of Bacon. Mmmmmm... Baconnnnnn...

Heath said...

Once again, Heath receives info from the internet regarding Patrick instead of Patrick TELLING Heath.

F-U and Congratulations on the new gig. Have fun and be careful in DC!