Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Stand-Up Video

I've finally been able to convert an old video of one of my better stand up sets from back in the day. This weekend I've added two new videos to my YouTube account that are of a 15 minute set I did in October 2004 as part of the Red Stick Comedy Block filmed by local TV station, WAFB. This set never aired because Swamp Mama's closed down (to become The Roux House) shortly after filming this episode. WAFB wanted the episodes to be filmed in a location that would be open when the episodes aired, so we later re-filmed the episodes at SoGo Live, which ironically enough is closed now also. The episode filmed at SoGo aired in November 2005. That was the infamous set where after I had finished my 15 minutes, the cameraman informed me that the camera malfunctioned and none of it was taped. So I had to get back on stage and tell the same exact jokes to an audience that had just heard them 5 minutes prior. Awkward. Anyway, my performance in the below set at Swamp Mama's was a bit unpolished as I constantly check my cheatsheet on the stool, but the material is great. The 15 minute set is broken up into two videos on YouTube because they have a 10 minute limit on uploaded videos. Enjoy!

Watch the second part.

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Christin said...

Damn, I forgot how good you were at stand up! I love you!! =^*

(hope my affectionate comments don't gay up your super-manly website too much)